“UNTIL FALLS THE RAIN” Official music video out now!

Before we unleash the third storm that is ‘Amain‘, we present you our very first music video. “Until Falls The Rain” is the crushing conclusion for the album, last simmering truths are laid low, throats bared against the unforgiving fall. It was a long day of drowning under homemade sprinklers, shooing away fire brigades and mopping away thousand lakes of water. In the end we are more than satisfied with the forlorn end result.

Directed by Olli Häkkinen and shot by Max Smeds. Thanks for waterproof make-up Sini Silfvenius-Bart. All editing, post production and narrative shots were conducted by the great Grupa13. Gratitudes and greetings to our gaffer Melvin Torrens, Juho Norokytö for weather effects and Areta Santos for help.

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