Finals of Metal Cup 2017


Dear friends. We want to express our gratitude for being voted into the finals of Metal Arena’s Metal Cup 2017! We couldn’t have hoped for better support.

However, this might be the end of our winning streak, for our song Mother of Unbelievers has now been placed against such an ultimate classic from 1998 – the one and only PAINKILLER by the legendary Judas Priest (re-released in 2017).

Let us remind you, they have been here for half a century. Their commercial breakthrough happened before Miska & Helena were born. We’ve never played huge arena gigs, and Mikko has yet to arrive on stage on a huge motorcycle.

But none of that matters now – it’s song against song. And no matter how great of a song would be racing against this undeniable classic, it might feel wrong to vote. You’ve already helped us so far, so instead of asking for more, we want to use this chance to thank you for your unending love and support & wish you all a happy weekend! Stay true to your metal hearts!


Photo by Sonja Sipilä / Sonja Sipilä Productions