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Hitto soikoon, mehän soitetaan tänä vuonna Tuskassa!

Tuska Festival 29.6.-1.7.2018 (Sorry folks, this video is in Finnish… Band greetings in English in here! ) Pikkuhiljaa se alkaa konkretisoitua: hitto soikoon, mehän soitetaan tänä vuonna Tuskassa!Yksitoista vuotta tässä onkin nytkytelty eteenpäin tätä meille kovin rakasta kivirekeä. Matkan varrella on taottu kolme komeaa levyä ja välissä huideltu ympäri Euroopan metallijuhlallisuuksia. Mutta täytyy myöntää, että […]

Thank you for voting us to the finals of Metal Cup 2017

Finals of Metal Cup 2017   Dear friends. We want to express our gratitude for being voted into the finals of Metal Arena’s Metal Cup 2017! We couldn’t have hoped for better support. However, this might be the end of our winning streak, for our song Mother of Unbelievers has now been placed against such […]

We made it to the semifinals!

Metal Cup 2017   Our song Mother of Unbelievers has been voted for the quarterfinals of Metal Cup 2017 (a competition for the best metal song of the year 2017), and guess who we’re up against: The one and only Metallica!!! Thank you, Metal Arena and all of you who have already voted for us! […]


New Crimfall merch available!   Shopping festivities are soon upon us and in true spirit of the season we introduce you new “Warbringer” shirt with the dark winged herald and Crimfall C in the front. In the back we have the logo and quote from the latest album: “Not for the King but for a […]

New gigs and reviews

Some new gigs announced   Upcoming gig: FRI 13.10. @ Circus, Helsinki, FINLAND w/ Ensiferum & WOLFHEART Ensiferum + Wolfheart & Crimfall at The Circus, Helsinki Tickets: SAT 21.10. @ Henry’s Pub Kuopio, Kuopio, FINLAND THU 7.12. GONG, Turku, FINLAND 13.4.2018 Iberian Warriors METAL FEST Zaragoza., SPAIN 10.-12.5.2018 Darktroll Festival, GERMANY Rewievs Crimfall sat […]

It’s time to go live! + Pretty fine review in Soundi

Congratulations Tampere!   Tomorrow Crimfall is going to play in Tampere with Vorna! CRIMFALL + VORNA Wed 20.9. 2017 Tullikamarin Klubi, Tampere Tickets:   And for Finnish speaking fans here is a pretty fine **** review in Soundi: “Crimfallin kuusi vuotta rakenneltu kolmosalbumi Amain soi eeppisesti. Muinaisten uskontaistojen soundtrackin äänipaletti on laaja ja dynamiikkaa […]

AMAIN is out now!

It took six years, but AMAIN is finally out now!   Third Crimfall album “AMAIN” is now available worldwide via Metal Blade Records! It took six years and it wasn’t even sure, if this album was about to ever see the light of day. But it has. Finally!     And they also liked it in […]

Two more days…

Two more days until the storm is unleashed!   You can show us your support and pre-order from here: Reviews are also starting to appear. We especially like to thank Metal Arena for recognising Amain as Album of the Month: Other one from France (HardRock80) with 18/20 And Bloodrock Media for amazing […]

“UNTIL FALLS THE RAIN” video out now!

“UNTIL FALLS THE RAIN” Official music video out now! Before we unleash the third storm that is ‘Amain‘, we present you our very first music video. “Until Falls The Rain” is the crushing conclusion for the album, last simmering truths are laid low, throats bared against the unforgiving fall. It was a long day of […]

Sneak peek to the cover song on AMAIN

Sneak peek to the cover song on AMAIN   We had a little chat with Dead Rhetoric about AMAIN, the mysterious cover song and other interesting stuff. Check it out! Dead is a heavy metal website that was created in early 2013 to serve the demanding and information-hungry heavy and extreme music community. Read […]

The first review of AMAIN

The first review of AMAIN on-line!   “The band takes ferocious vocals, pulse pounding riffs, and thunder cracking drums along with grand melodies and exquisite clean vocals and turns it into something truly magnificent. Their latest release, Amain, hits hard like that moment you realized you were hooked on Game of Thrones and as it goes […]

What’s going on?

Wanna know what is going on with us or something about the upcoming album Amain…?   Details of the album: Exclusive interview with Bloodrock Media: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CRIMFALL That Drummer Guy Interviews Crimfall:  

New single out now!

New single “MOTHER OF UNBELIEVERS” now online!   On August 25th, Crimfall will release their new album, Amain, worldwide via Metal Blade Records! Listen the new single, “Mother of Unbelievers” and let us know what you think! And please share the single if you like it! For another preview of Amain, the album track, “The […]