Tuska Festival 29.6.-1.7.2018

Bit by bit it’s starting to sink in: Damn, we’ll be playing at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2018!

For over eleven years now we’ve been heaving and hauling this beloved load of ours, mostly uphill, slowly but steadily. Along the way we’ve managed to hot forge three solid metal albums, and we’ve taken great pride and pleasure in performing at various metal festivities around Europe. But we’ve gotta admit: we’ll be heartened to the bottoms of our northern souls to bring this caravan on stage of the metal festival that’s been around for most of us as long as we dare to remember.

Come and listen to our set. We’ve put a lot of work in our music, and we want to celebrate it, along with the Finnish summer, by raising a toast with you guys, on Saturday 30.6., starting from 14.55.

P.S. Do not miss this one! At this rate, the next time we’ll be playing in Tuska, will be in the year 2029. Besides, we never know for how long each of us gets to trample this earth.